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PP sintered filter cartridge

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Using high-quality polypropylene as the main raw material, sintered and formed by scientific formula, the structure is compact, strong, light, can withstand high filtration pressure, and the filter element has the same pore size inside and outside, easy to blow back and remove slag, and has good resistance to acid and alkali solvents anti-corrosion properties.
Polypropylene (PP) sintered products include PP sintered filter elements, PP sintered filter discs and sieve plates, PP sintered filter balls, PP sintered filter rods, PP sintered special-shaped parts, etc.


1. The pore size distribution of PP sintered products is uniform, the fluidity is good, and the flux is large
2. Resistant to strong acid and alkali, salt and most organic solvents
3. Easy to blow back, high regeneration efficiency
4. PP material products have a temperature resistance of 80°C and a filtration accuracy of 1um-200um
5. Non-toxic and tasteless, no medium shedding, superior mechanical properties, not easy to damage
6. The raw materials meet the requirements of GMP and FDA, do not use adhesives, and have a wide range of chemical compatibility



A.Pharmaceutical Industry
   (1)Large infusion of water, pharmaceutical intermediates decarbonization filtration; fermentation broth, oral liquid
   (2)Powder activated carbon with decolorization filter(medicinal liquid glucose,antibiotics,synthetic medicine,preparation,Chinese herbal medicine liquid,etd.)
   (3)Injection liquid
   (4)Injection air filter
   (5)Injection washing bottle water
   (6)Medical liquor filtration
B.Chemical Industry
   (1)Aluminum hydroxide filtering and washing
   (2)Palladium catalyst filtering and washing
   (3)Phosphor filtering and washing
   (4)Zinc carbonate filtering
   (5)Sodium carbonate solution filtration
   (6)Barium sulfate filtering and washing
   (7)Cadmium sulfide filtering and washing
C.Chemical fiber & textile industry
   (1)Acid bath filtration
   (2)Sulfur and acrylic acid purification filtration
   (3)Silk water precifion filtration
D.Light industry and food industry
   (1)Syrup filtration
   (2)Drink filtration
   (3)Wine and white spirit filtration
   (4)Vegetable oil precision filtration
   (5)Essential oil filtration
   (6)Mineral water filtration
E.Machinery and Oil industry
   (1)Plating solution filtration
   (2)Internal combustion engine cleaning fluid precision filtration
   (3)Oil field washing filtration
   (4)Electrical industry ultra-pure water equipment
F.Waste water treatment
   (1)Heavy mental hydroxide waste water treatment
   (2)Mix-ture heavy metals waste water treatment
   (3)Chemical waste water treatment
   (4)Ceramic waste water treatment
   (5)Aluminum-containing waste water treatment
   (6)Other waste water treatment 

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