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Lvyuan Filters for Pipette Tips


Pipette filter is also called (tip filter, pipette filter, pipette filter, etc.), which is made of medical-grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and processed by a unique process, which is hydrophobic. The hydrophobic filter creates a strong barrier to aerosols and liquids, eliminating potential sample and pipette cross-contamination that could affect results.
The pipette filter element is processed at high temperature, produced and packaged in a clean workshop, and each process ensures no pollution. 


1).Perfect Blocking Aerosol
  The filter is made by UHMW-PE,processed by the unique craft, which has the hydrophobicity.

  Hydrophobic filter form as of a solid barrier of aerosol and liquid ,eliminating potential samples that may influence the results cross contaminate with pipette .

2).Free RNase/DNase
  The filter process with high temperature , production and packaging in clean workshop to ensure no RNase and DNase pollution.

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