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PA sintered filter cartridge


The PA sintered filter element is made of high-quality high-molecular polyethylene as the main raw material and carbon fiber through scientific formula sintering. Compact structure, strong, light weight, can withstand high filtration pressure, non-toxic and tasteless, and has good corrosion resistance to acid and alkali solvents.


1. Resistant to the corrosion of strong acid and strong alkali, and resistant to the dissolution of organic solvents;
2. Excellent strength and wear resistance ensure its service life;
3. The surface of the outer light makes it difficult for impurities to stick;
4. Backflushing and backflushing are easy to reuse;
5. Good toughness, the filter element is not easy to break;
6. No threshing phenomenon, strong pressure resistance.


Diameter: ∮20∮25∮30∮35∮38∮45∮50∮60
Connector size: M20-M22-M24-M26-M30
Joint material: polypropylene, 316 stainless steel
Length: 5"10"20"30"40"60"80"
Filtration accuracy: 0.5um-100um

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